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About Axess®

About Axess

Turn Managed Print Services (MPS) programs on a new Axess® when you partner with West Point Products. Our MPS programs offer resellers of imaging supplies, equipment, and related solutions, the ability to offer their customers solutions for the proactive management, maintenance, and supply of their printing environments.

The Axess® MPS program is a comprehensive and fully integrated suite of software and services designed to help dealers deliver more profitable MPS solutions. Axess® MPS is designed with the flexibility and scalability dealers need to provide MPS solutions to their customers. Partner with Axess® for key infrastructure tools and support, or simply sell the MPS with turnkey contract fulfillment.

Axess® MPS program includes the following key infrastructure tools supported by a dedicated team of MPS professionals:

  • Remote monitoring software and support
  • TCO pricing calculator and proposal generator
  • Auto Toner Fulfillment
  • National service support and dispatch
  • Comprehensive sales training
  • Technical support
  • MPS ready toner cartridges
  • Comprehensive recycling solutions
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Axess® Remote Monitoring

About Axess

Axess® Remote Monitoring software offers you the ability to view your customer’s entire print environment, including supply and service needs on output devices. This simple software will empower to you deliver MPS programs with ease though the following:

Supplies Fulfillment
  • View exact consumable levels remotely: toner, fusers, drums, and maintenance kits
  • Ensure your cartridges are being used by tracking the unique serial number on the chip
  • Set customized, automated alerts for low toner levels
Maintenance and Servicing
  • Set automated service alerts
  • Set proactive service flags/reminders
  • Asset management and consulting
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Axess® TCO

About Axess

MPS providers can have confidence in MPS contract profitability with the Axess® TCO software. The most simple and accurate Total Cost of Ownership pricing tool is powered with BEI Services Worldstats™ data that is applied to automatically calculate accurate and model specific services pricing per page.

Axess® simplifies MPS with this intuitive, web-based TCO tool that empowers dealers to price contracts with accuracy that is linked to individual account information. Eliminate pricing headaches and time wasted maintaining pricing spreadsheets or through manual processes. The Axess® TCO automatically populates each end-user’s equipment fleet, offers flexibility for supplies, equipment, coverage, and profit margins. Transparent processes and pricing gives dealers complete control of their MPS contracts.

User-friendly Axess® TCO software will generate documents with one click. This allows dealers to easily populate customers’ existing and proposed pricing into one branded proposal and other sales support documents. The Axess® TCO also creates multiple proposals per account with ease to support your sales process and ongoing account reviews.

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Axess Express®

Axess Express

Axess Express® is the truly full service program designed to accelerate the launch and growth of MPS programs for dealers. Focus your organization on sales and let the Axess Express® team do the rest. Axess Express® is a program for dealers who:

  • Struggle with MPS program execution
  • Don’t want the administrative burden of technical, customer service, service or supply fulfillment required by MPS contracts
  • Have not yet started an MPS program, but want to be able to sell MPS today!

The Axess Express® Team will:

  • Install data collection agents
  • Prepare proposal documents and pricing
  • Proactively manage the contract; including supply fulfillment and service
  • Provide you simple invoicing without investing in a new ERP
  • Assist in account review documentation

All you need to do is focus on selling and capturing more revenue!

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Axess® Support

About Axess

MPS programs often require service for devices under contract. Axess® Service Support is a dedicated team of certified technicians ready to provide phone based triage and dispatch services. Axess® Service support offers dealers:

  • A team of dedicated, certified service technicians ready to assist with web and phone based triage as well as nationwide service call dispatch and field support.
  • Full nationwide coverage with over 7,000 technical support agents throughout North America, to help expand service areas.
  • A simple to use ticketing system with options to contact us by phone, email, or on the web at
  • Fixed price billing with no surprise bills and a simple, flat fee structure. Special discounts may apply.
  • Our “One Call = One Solution” commitment stating that no matter what your service support call need may be, we will provide a solution.
  • Guaranteed service for the coverage you need, when you need it.
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Axess SalesPro™ Training

Axess Salespro™

Axess SalesPro™ is the most comprehensive and interactive MPS sales curriculum available and is delivered via the leading web-based training technology. Each module concludes certification testing with automatic reporting to management. Detailed curriculum will empower your sales reps to present the MPS value proposition and close more deals!

Axess SalesPro™ training deep dives into the following topics:

  • Understanding the MPS market opportunity
  • Prospecting and identifying sales leads
  • Executing an initial appointment
  • Conducting an assessment; including capturing the actual spend
  • Developing sales documentation & conducting on-site meetings to close the sale
  • Proactively managing the account and expanding sales opportunities

Axess SalesPro™ also provides customizable support materials including:

  • Templates for account review, sales presentations, and proposals
  • MPS customer sales presentations
  • Assessment tool kit including logistic documentation, interview questions, and more!
  • Sales talk tracks and objection handling

Axess SalesPro™ is the MPS training program that is accessible, actionable, and affordable. Because training is not an event, Axess Sales Pro® is offered on a subscription basis.

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Axess® Auto Toner Fulfillment

Auto-Toner Fulfillment (ATF) from Axess® is the complete and simple answer to complicated and costly supplies replenishment for your customers’ print devices.

Through our systems, we completely automate supplies fulfillment, eliminating manual ordering and tracking for MPS. Additionally, our proactive communications ensure users receive notifications of low levels when supplies are shipped.

Auto Toner Fulfillment Provides:

  • Automatic ordering, shipping, and delivery of printer supplies saves customers money by eliminating “rush” or overnight orders
  • No ordering errors; customers receive the right consumable every time
  • Simplifies and streamlines the supply ordering process
  • Just-in-time ordering enables better use of working capital and enables customers to reduce their supply inventory
  • Eliminates the complexity of MPS device location movement
  • Reduces administrative expense / personnel time
  • Increased profitability by reducing administrative expenses and reducing errors related to supply fulfillment
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